Quality, integrity, and innovation characterize the success of Mareth Enterprises' companies. Their success, in turn, facilitates our vision of Profits for a Purpose.


At Mareth Enterprises, we pride ourselves on providing value with our profits: to our many employees, to our industry, and to our surrounding communities. Our flagship businesses provide quality ingredients, sourcing, logistics, and excellent service to the pet food industry.

3D Corporation Solutions, LLC

Founded in 2002, 3D Corporate Solutions is a pet food ingredient company. Their goal is to create the most unique solutions for pet food manufactures. 3D Corporate Solutions offers a distinctive ability to create, produce, and manage all aspects of pet food ingredients for each client and their individual need.

With over 160 professionals specializing in sales and marketing, 3D Corporate Solutions facilitates the success of Mareth Enterprises' many businesses and clients, by providing superior sourcing, purchasing, manufacturing, operations, logistics, quality assurance, research and development, accounting and finance, human resources, and new business development.

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Pet Solutions, LLC

Located in Danville, Arkansas, Pet Solutions produces superior pet food ingredients. They use the highest quality raw materials and a "First In First Out" program to attain the highest quality finished product. Unique inspection processes ensure that products are free of contamination and of the highest quality, and a multiple batch cooking process results in high digestibility of these ingredients.

Protein Solutions, LLC

Located in Joplin, MO, Protein Solutions uses only USDA inspected ingredients to provide premium dried chicken, turkey, and other gently processed proteins for use in pet food. They also provide fresh and frozen specialty products. High in protein and low in fat, their products have high digestibility, and a liquid, shelf-stable cooking process allows for flexibility in batch sizes and shipping options.

Three separate companies, yet one common vision: to see the fruits of our success enrich our communities. Our mission of Profits for a Purpose is more than just a mantra, it's a business model for investing in our future.

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