Mareth Enterprises believes that the strength of a company is directly related to the common faith of people and their country. As such, we seek to provide value with our profits by empowering communities through education that leads to social development.

Mission Statement

Mareth Enterprises, LLC is a Profits for a Purpose company. It is the intentions of Mareth Enterprises, LLC and its affiliates to foster business relationships that mutually benefit individuals and companies who share our commitment to faith, family, community, and social development.

The purpose of our profits is to provide for our families and develop new businesses. These businesses will assist in promoting and developing our local communities by sponsoring educational programs for our youth that promote principles of faith, hard work, and social responsibility as a necessary component to a strong family, community and nation.

It is the intention of Mareth Enterprises, LLC to promote and invest in progressive enterprisers that share the common belief that profits and society taxes are necessary to invest in our nation’s next generation of leaders.

The Profits for a Purpose Philosophy

Vision - Strong communities are the foundation upon which successful businesses are built. As we have stated, Mareth Enterprises firmly believes in providing value with our profits by providing opportunities and support to our local communities.

Progress - Our business is designed to support communities while remaining profitable. Our profits are reinvested in our communities to help strengthen them through economic, social, and educational development initiatives.

Sustainability - By investing in new business ventures, we stimulate economic development within our local communities. Likewise, our commitment to promoting educational and social development programs ensures that tomorrow's business leaders have the necessary skills to carry on our vision.

Action - To date, our profits have allowed us to provide assistance to start-ups, support advanced education and art programs in our schools, and to the people of developing nations. Over time, we hope to expand our efforts even more.

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