Good business practices and thriving communities go hand in hand. We feel that corporations have a social obligation to give back: both locally and abroad.

Providing value with our profit is at the heart of Mareth Enterprises' philosophy. Building strong communities not only helps us invest in the future, it also allows us to give back to those who have helped us grow along the way. Although we concentrate our efforts locally, we also seek out opportunities that allow us to share our resources abroad. While some may call it social activism or community development, we simply call it Profits for a Purpose.

Project Genesis

Project Genesis is a social project that develops new businesses and in return helps our local community in Purdy, Missouri. The project promotes economic development in Purdy by providing funding to innovative start-ups. Via a mutually beneficial ownership and profits disbursement agreement, these businesses contribute to Project Genesis through their financial success. This facilitates further economic social projects or investments in new start-ups who apply to the program.

Currently, there are three new businesses within Project Genesis. Pixelscopic, LLC is an entertainment media company specializing in video-game development. AgriEconomics, LLC concentrates on manufacturing animal feed and feed ingredient processing. 1-Look, LLC develops and maintains guest management systems powered by facial recognition software.

Project Genesis also intends to invest in Purdy itself--with construction underway to build a garden in the downtown area, to create better housing options through the Purdy Development and Reconstruction venture, and to become energy self-sufficient by installing a wind turbine and biodiesel plant.

In addition, Project Genesis supports the local school district through numerous donations that promote educational programs for our youth. Purdy School's Arts, Technology, Athletics, Vocational Agricultural departments have already benefitted from the profits of our many ventures.

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Mareth Enterprises is honored to help support and partner with Dave and Charlotte Hamblin, who led an initiative to provide assistance to women and families living in Mozambique, Africa. The program helped create self-sustaining family gardens, egg co-ops, and chicken cages among the underprivileged and undereducated. In addition, a school uniform program was instituted to increase school attendance for young girls.

In October 2010, Mareth Enterprises was proud to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Agrieconomics, LLC to develop a corn and soybean operation in Mozambique to support the ever growing need for domestically produced food.

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3D Corporate Solutions (a Mareth Enterprises Partner Company), is a participant in the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions' Foster Parents Program. For every 3D employee, the company adopts a child in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma): providing funding for that child's food, clothing, housing, and educational support.

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Charitable Involvement

3D Corporate Solutions are supporters of local and national Charities such as "Catch a Dream Program", "Dining for Diabetes with the American Diabetes Association", "Foster Parent Mission Club", "Habitat for Humanity" and local vocational agriculture chapters.

From Project Genesis, to our programs in Africa and Myanmar, Mareth Enterprises is proud to serve communities around the world. Our commitment to investing in the future has never been stronger, and we look forward to expanding our efforts as we grow.

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